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Finishing Section
This section is broken up into various distinct sections namely :-

  1. Staining Process
    Finished raw cabinets of the pianos are then stained with suitable colours to bring the fine lustre of the exotic veneers that have earlier on been veneered onto the wooden panels.
  2. Lacquering Process
    With the most modern and advance German curtain coating machines the prepared piano cabinets are then coated with polyester lacquers.
  3. Oven Process
    The coated panels are then baked to quicken the drying processing of the lacquered panels.
  4. Sanding Process
    The ready and coated piano cabinets are then sanded down by special and advance sanding machines to bring about flat smooth surfaces to the coated panels.
  5. Buffing Process
    The fine sanded panels are finally buffed by automatic sanding machines to bring out the shine and beauty of the piano cabinets.
  6. Polishing Process
    This is the final stage where all the buffed or finished panels are polished again to high sheen to further enhance the beauty of the finishes.
Iron Frame Section
While the other sections are processing other parts of the piano, the vacuum-processed iron frames are being precision drilled with about 500 holes here. After that, it is being several coated with gold and maroon paint to give it a beautiful appearance.
Stringing Section
With the piano back structure that is already been prepared in the other section mentioned earlier, it is now mounted with the finished iron frame and thereafter the strings are put on it, after carefully measuring the exact amount of down bearing of the strings to be placed upon the bridges of the soundboard.
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