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Musical Products Sdn Bhd has been manufacturing pianos since its incorporation in 1972. Over the years, Musical Products has overcome various difficulties and also survived not less than three economic recessions. To date, it is the only company in Malaysia engaged in this finely crafted industry. The pride of Musical Products is its piano manufacturing expertise and experience that has attracted well-known foreign piano companies to licence their products to us for local production. The directors of Musical Products who have many years of experience in the piano industry are Mr. T. W. Hoe, the Chairman & Managing Director, and Mr. T. F. Hoe, the Production Director. Musical Products manufacturers well-known pianos such as C. Steinbert, Barratt & Robinson, Witton & Witton, Chas. H. Challen and previously John Broadwood & Sons. These pianos are sold in domestic markets as well as exported to 25 countries around the world, including lately, to China and South Africa. During the last 35 years, Musical Products has acquired and developed various techniques for piano designing and manufacturing and is presently technical advisors to some China manufacturers. It has also benefited considerably from its association with well-known piano scale designers like Mr. Dietrich H. Dotzek, the late master piano builder Mr. J. Beiling, both from Germany, Mr. Otto Rindlisbacher of Switzerland, Mr. Russell Taylor of U.K., Mr. Peter Rippen of Holland and licensing companies such as Chas. H. Challen, Barratt & Robinson and John Broadwood & Sons, all of United Kingdom. The high quality pianos manufactured by Musical Products has attained high international regards and over these years, these recognition have earned the company various international awards, including the latest 'Best Imported piano into U.K.' for 1995.

Vienna Music, associate company involved in marketing is now in its 18th year of operation. The company was established in 1981. Besides retailing our local assembled pianos from Musical Products, namely Challen, C. Steinbert and Barratt & Robinson, there are also a variety of choices in the imported range of pianos such as Samick, Grotrian, Mornington and Brinkmann. This year, we have also been appointed the dealer / agent for Malaysia to represent the prestigious Steinway & Sons and Boston pianos with our launching on 9th July 1997, officiated by Mr. Alec Weil of Steinway & Sons. Our clientele includes hotels locally as well as overseas, institutions, schools, clubs, etc. and family homes.

The very specialised business is highly dependent on after sales service. Tuning and regular servicing by properly trained technicians are crucial. Vienna Music's technicians are trained at the company's piano factory to ensure excellence of service second to none. It's enduring success hinges on its supply of products of only the highest quality. Value for money, first rate after sales service and a proven reputation in the business come next.

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