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The ultimate in german quality & technology

Captivate and be captivated ........ by the splendour, the range and the richness of tone that have made the C. Steinbert piano bears more than a prestigious name. Designed by the famed D.H. Dotzek, the German piano master and respected technical consultant, the C.Steinbert range epitomizes his finest work. Today, C.Steinbert is the standard-in quality, craftmanship and technical excellence. A standard that brings you nothing less than the finest expression of a precision musical instruments. Because nothing else brings out the music in you as beautifully as the C. Steinbert.

All string run through either studs or pressure bars, in order that the vibrating lengths can be controlled exactly. The length of each string is scientifically calculated so as to determine the right diameter, length and tension for the wire against a given frequency in order to bring out the best tonal property.
The unique tonal characteristics of C.Steinbert pianos come from the design of the scaling of the strings. Latest technological breakthrough in this area has made it possible nowadays to establish piano inharmonicity. This ensures a maximum of clarity, richness, brilliance and an appealing impurity in tonal colour that has never been possible before.
Another important factor that contributes to the overall tonal quality of every
C.Steinbert piano is the soundboard. Constructed from selected solid European spruce for its colour, length and width of the annual growth rings, it is hand sculptured by expert craftsmen to bring out the optimum conditions for tonal resonance.

Renner Piano Action - Internationally acclaimed to be the world's finest piano mechanism. It is highly responsive to the pianist's touch and enables the serious musicians to express himself to the fullest.


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